January 20: Winter Sunrise

The Prague Castle Spires at Sunrise

January 20

Winter Sunrise

May those who love you rise like the sun in all its power! (Judges 5:31)

Early one winter morning, the rosy illumination coming through the windows got my attention. I slipped on a coat and hat and grabbed my camera, for this was not a sunrise to be ignored. In the backyard away from the disruption of neighboring houses, I stood in awe of the colorful clouds rolling across the sky before my eyes. I attempted to capture their vibrant beauty and majesty on film that morning, but no photograph could capture the vastness of that brief, spectacular scene.

The colorful beauty of the sunrise quietly displays the great Artist’s love for the waking world. Each sunrise is a love letter sent to each of us, emblazoned with God’s power and signed by his deep love. Our lives would change for the better if we really perceived our Creator’s deep love.  

Today, and each day this year, begin your day with a prayer. Before your feet hit the floor, commit your direction, attitude, and outlook for the day to God. In the love that God gives, your life will shine like the sunrise to illumine the world with his love and joy.  

God paints his love in each sunrise. 

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