January 21: A Most Important Gift


January 21

A Most Important Gift

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. (Psalm 127:3)

Recently, our oldest child brought an invitation home from school. It said, “Please join me for a celebration of my writings at school. Refreshments will be served.” We hung the invitation on the refrigerator and marked it on our calendars.              

At the celebration, one child was clearly distraught when no one came to celebrate with him. This child lives in the town’s wealthiest neighborhood and his parents drive the nicest cars to their high-powered jobs. However, they missed the opportunity of a lifetime to celebrate their child’s accomplishments and encourage him.   

As adults, it is hard for us to step into a child’s world. We are caught up in our hard-working worlds and sometimes miss the things that matter most. Our relationships will last for eternity, and treasured memories last forever in our hearts. The money in our bank accounts hardly lasts to the end of the month.  

As you work hard to deposit money at the bank, deposit encouragement into the lives of those you love.  Make time today to treasure the most important gifts in your lives. Give of yourself in the manner appreciated most—through the gift of time.  

Show your loved ones that you care.

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